Reena Rosskopf grew up on Horseback in Marin County, CA. As a girl, she became fascinated by horseracing & had dreams of riding the Kentucky Derby! She would take any opportunity she could to be with horses - on the trail, in the arena, mucking stalls, or at the racetrack!
After high school, she was offered a scholarship to attend California College of Arts, in Berkeley, CA for her talents as an artist. Although she ultimately chose a different College Path - she always stayed committed as a developing artist - taking part in Art & Photography Classes & Workshops.
Today, she volunteers for CANTER California, & earns her keep as a Professional Equine Photographer. As a photographer, the goal is to capture the "essence" of her equine subjects in every shoot - be it at the track, in the arena, on the ranch, or beyond! Her "specialty" is creating Fine Art Display images: Artistic Captures of the Horse At Liberty & Fine Art Portraits. These beautiful pieces can be printed on Stretched Canvas, Archival Quality Print Paper, or her personal favorite - Metal Art!